Trauma Many events can result in biohazard waste in your home or office. Whatever the source, from a backed up sewer to a crime scene, we know that these events require an immediate response and experienced professionals. Our biohazard certified staff are prepared to handle all of your cleaning needs at any time—day or night.

Biohazard waste is dangerous. Bodily fluids, especially blood, can carry disease and pathogens that are an extreme health risk. As a result, disposal of biohazard waste is subject to government regulation.

Safely cleaning biohazard materials requires specialty clothing, techniques, and tools. Our staff are vaccinated and wear protective gear from head to toe, including respirator masks. They use custom tools to remove the waste and powerful sanitization and odor removal methods. All waste is removed in biohazard waste containers and disposed of by ourlicensed disposal partner.

ServiceMaster of Jackson and ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning of Paris are your locally owned and operated experts in biohazard cleaning. Call us 24/7 for a clean, sanitary, healthy home.