Image-Hoarding-web When collections of items pile up and their owner keeps gathering more and more objects, often of little or no value, which are overwhelming living spaces, a hoarding problem has developed. Hoarding is a disorder, and our professional staff is experienced in handling these sensitive situations. We always treat our customers with care, and provide the highest level of customer service.

Whether you are managing your own hoarding or cleaning up for a friend, family member, or tenant, the mass of items can be overwhelming. Beyond the difficulty of cleaning on this scale, hoarding can also create additional issues. As piles of items develop, they often block off areas. In these hidden spots, moisture can gather, leading to mold infestations. Or worse, rodents and other pests can infest these spaces, out of sight. Animal waste and other resulting materials are a biohazard; safe handling of these materials requires professional training and tools.

Our team will:

  • Walk you through the entire cleanup and sanitization process
  • Maintain open communication from start to finish
  • Packout and restore valued belongings
  • Remove waste
  • Clean up any biohazard contaminants
  • Repair and restore damage
  • Thoroughly clean, sanitize, and eliminate odors
  • Guarantee your satisfaction