ServiceMaster branded trucks in front of a building When dirt, dust, and pet hair collect on your furniture or carpets, it is clearly time to whip out the vacuum and do a little dusting. But those particles are also being sucked into the air ducts in your home or office, and every time the HVAC comes on, the dust, dirt and allergens get blown back into the building. So the cleaning has to start all over again.

Dirty air ducts aren’t just a problem for the cleanliness of your home. They can also be harmful to your health. Mold spores, pollutants, and allergens that collect in air ducts can have health implications. These particles can cause breathing issues for your family and guests.

The buildup of dirt and grime inside of air ducts can also hinder the flow of air through the ducts, increasing the HVAC’s power requirements and decreasing its climate control abilities.

Specially trained technicians from ServiceMaster of Jackson and ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning thoroughly clean the full length of the interior of your air ducts. The particles and buildup are vented out of the building using specialized equipment, leaving your building clean. Air ducts are cleared, scrubbed, and sanitized, leaving you with a healthier home or office.

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  • Competitive pricing—With us, high quality doesn’t mean high cost.