One of the biggest threats of water and mold damage during the winter season is a burst pipe. Pipes often burst when they are exposed to low temperatures because water expands as it freezes. Prevent severe water damage this winter by keeping your pipes warm. Pipes located in an unheated area of your home, in external walls with low insulation or outdoors are most likely to be affected by low temperatures. However, to be safe it’s a great idea to apply pipe warming strategies throughout your home. You can do this by insulating pipes, keeping your heat on and weatherproofing windows. Learn more by reading the tips below.

Insulate Pipes

All pipes are susceptible to freezing. Use pipe wrap or tubular sleeves to insulate exposed pipes. Pipe insulation materials can be found at any home improvement store and are simple to install. In addition to keeping your pipes safe from freezing, pipe insulation can keep your hot water hotter and reduce condensation around cold water pipes.

Let Faucets Drip

It seems counterintuitive but if you know a cold night is on its way, let your faucets drip. Running water doesn’t freeze as easily as stagnant water. While your faucets are dripping, keep cabinets open. This allows warm air to access your sink pipes easier.

Insulate Attic and Basement

Make sure your attic and basement are properly insulated. Not only will this keep pipes in these areas warmer, it could save you money on your heating bill.

Keep Heaters On

Keep your heat set to a baseline temperature at all times. According to the Red Cross, you shouldn’t set it lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially important if you’re going to be traveling during the winter.

Drain Sprinkler System

Before the temperatures drop too low, drain your sprinkler system. This will prevent it from freezing.

Fix Exterior Wall Damage

Inspect the outside of your home and patch damage. Any damage will drastically lower the temperature in your home and strain pipes in exterior walls which are likely to freeze sooner than other pipes in your home.

Weatherproof Windows & Doors

Make sure your windows and doors can shut properly with no gaps. If you see any openings, install weather stripping in these areas.

Drain Outdoor Hose

Drain your hoses and put them away for winter. Place weatherproof covers over your outdoor faucets to protect them from rain, ice and wind. This is also a great time to put away all outdoor garden tools and cover your pool.

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