Every business space in West Tennessee needs help in keeping its surfaces clean and safe. Commercial disinfection services will ensure your property remains secure, as a team can clean out the viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous compounds throughout your building.

SaniMaster is our exclusive EPA-registered one-step cleaning and disinfectant products. Part of what our commercial disinfection service at ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning can do in West Tennessee entails is properly cleaning your office or facility and then applying a disinfectant to surfaces. More than our product, our teams are trained to provide a hospital-grade cleaning experience to ensure your office is safe and clean.

More Than One-Time Cleaning.

At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning, we can extend surface disinfection by applying an antimicrobial barrier that can last up to 90 days. Antimicrobial protection is about controlling the development of bacteria, fungi, and other compounds. Part of this work involves treating counters and other high-touch surfaces around your property.

The protectant will appear on your counter after the initial cleaning and disinfecting process is complete. The old bacteria will be removed, and the new protectant will be applied over the space to prevent new bacteria from arriving. The process can provide protection for up to 90 days to ensure your space stays safe.

Everything we provide at ServiceMaster is safe for your property. We use the smartest tools for treating all spaces.

Helpful Points To See In A Protectant

Our commercial disinfection services in West Tennessee can help you maintain clean surfaces with an antimicrobial protectant. But you should see how well that protectant material can work and that it will safely secure all the surfaces in your environment.

We use these standards when seeing how well a protectant can work:

  • It should last long enough after application. Some antimicrobial protectants can last for about ninety days.
  • The layer the protectant produces should be colorless and odorless.
  • There should be no harsh chemicals in whatever protectant you utilize. Any possible protectants should be safe to where the structure of a surface will not be at risk of harm.
  • The durability of the protectant is vital to its success. The material should stay intact without impacting its overall effectiveness.

You will appreciate how well a quality antimicrobial protectant can work when you’re looking for something safe for your cleaning needs in West Tennessee. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning will ensure everything around your property stays safe, especially in some of the more high-touch spaces around your property.