As a home or commercial building owner, the to-do list seems endless. Focus your attention on the items that make a big difference. At ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning in West Tennessee, we created list of New Year’s Resolutions to help you stay ahead of the maintenance list. It’s especially important to stay on top of your maintenance to-do’s in the cooler months when storms, ice and wind are abundant.

Improve Air Quality:

Circulate fresh air in your home as much as possible. Open windows even during the winter. Use fans when cooking or using chemicals to move pollutants out of your home. Vacuum carpets and upholstery regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and debris. The benefits of air vent cleanings depend on your situation. According to the EPA, consider an air vent cleaning if you have vermin, mold or visible dust particles. Otherwise, focus on other clean air strategies.

Clean Dryer Ducts:

Lint builds up easily in your dryer but cleaning out the lint trap only goes so far. In order to prevent a fire disaster, clean the lint from your dryer ducts. To do this, unplug your dryer and turn off the gas. From there, disassemble your ducts at the joints. Clean with a vent cleaning brush. Once you’ve cleaned them out, reassemble and plug in your dryer. Move it back in its place, ensuring the ductwork isn’t squished.

Reinforce Exterior Doors:

Replace tiny screws and old deadbolts. Reinforce strike plates and door jambs. In a few quick steps, you can strengthen your exterior doors to prevent burglaries. Deadbolts are classified by strength and categorized into Grade 1, 2 or 3. Pair a Grade 1 deadbolt with three-inch screws for your strike plates. You can also purchase shields to support your door jamb and deadbolts.

Inspect Foundation:

Walk around your home and look for signs of your foundation’s health. Cracks in your walls, sloping floors and faulty windows or doors are all indications that your foundation needs to be repaired. While you’re at it, look for insect damage. Wood shavings, weakened wood or concrete may mean insects have infiltrated your home. If you see any signs of foundation damage, call a professional immediately.

Create an Emergency Plan:

Meet with everyone in your household and put together an emergency plan. Agree on a meeting place and escape routes if a fire or water disaster occurs. Other important aspects of an emergency plan are an out of town contact, emergency numbers, and a supply kit. When creating the plan, consider the unique needs of your home. Pets, ages of household, medical needs and dietary needs should all be accounted for.

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