When a fire occurs, you probably aren’t thinking about water damage. However, fire and smoke damage are often accompanied by water damage. Sprinklers and fire hoses are designed to put out a fire as fast as possible. While that does protect your home or business from fire damage, it creates a new problem. Restoring fire and water damage at the same time is no easy task. All of the extra damage can be overwhelming ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning has an expert team with the knowledge and equipment to restore fire and water damage alike. Use the following tips to help you streamline the water damage restoration process after a fire occurs in your home or office.

Water Damage

Moisture and standing water of any amount can take a toll on your property. Wood floors and cabinets can become distorted, carpets can breed mold and electronics can become irreparable. In addition, your home’s electrical system can be compromised. The longer water sits on your belongings, the more damage will occur. This damage quickly grows into mold which is not only visually unappealing but also can be harmful to your health.

What to Do

  1. Avoid walking through standing water. Depending on the type of water, it could contain harmful bacteria.
  2. Don’t use electrical outlets in affected areas. It might be a good idea to turn off the power in your home to be safe.
  3. Record the damage with photos and videos before you move belongings or begin the restoration process. Your insurance company will likely want to see evidence.
  4. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Making sure your insurance agent is on the same page as you from the start can save you a headache later.
  5. Remove valuables and undamaged furniture from your property. Store in a safe and dry location until the restoration is complete.
  6. If possible, open windows, doors, drawers and cabinets to increase air circulation.
  7. You might have a sump pump in your basement. Use it to remove standing water.
  8. Don’t try and remove water with makeshift equipment like a vacuum. This could make matters worse.
  9. Call an expert fire and water damage restoration team right away. The quicker you call, the more damage our team can prevent.

ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning in West Tennessee offers a comprehensive suite of fire and water damage restoration services. Businesses and homeowners alike trust us in their time of need. We’ll guide you through the entire restoration process. From working with your insurance company to providing timely updates, we handle it all. Contact us at 888-930-3351 to learn more about our services. We respond 24/7 to emergency damage restoration requests.

Photo by: istockphoto.com/Luftklick