There probably won’t be a shortage of rain this spring. Even if your home repelled moisture all winter long, you may still need to do a few spring maintenance tasks. Reinforce the most vulnerable areas in your home to avoid a water damage disaster. ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning compiled the following list of spring maintenance tips to help keep your West Tennessee home dry and water damage free.

  1. Roof: Since you’re probably trying to prevent water damage due to spring showers, make sure your roof is secure. It’s the first surface of your home that comes into contact with the rain. Every 15 years or so, your roof needs to be replaced. In the meantime, keep your roof in good condition by maintaining it. If you’re able to do so, grab your ladder and look over your roof. Patch cracks and replace missing shingles. Your local home improvement store should have calking and other supplies you may need to repair minor roof damage.
  2. Gutter System: Funneling rainwater away from your home is important. Keep up with your gutter system maintenance in order to prevent water from collecting around your home. Blockages or leaks can prevent your gutters from doing its job. Remove debris and patch cracks. Also, don’t forget to adjust your downspouts so they are directed away from your home.
  3. Attic: Your attic can endure a large amount of water damage that occurs in your home. It’s often not insulated and acts as the buffer between your roof and livable space. Make the trek to your attic before and after major storms. Noticing leaks and other water damage is easier to do when it’s actually raining.
  4. Windows & Doors: Even small openings around the frame of your windows and doors can lead to water damage. Your windows and doors should shut firmly with no space for rain seepage. Fill any openings with weather stripping.
  5. Basement: Your basement is another hotspot for water damage. Inspect your basement for excess moisture, mold or cracks. Flooding often starts in basements due to excess groundwater, poor insulation or a burst pipe. It’s important to check for signs of water damage in your basement, especially during a rainstorm.
  6. Yard Drainage: Rain, hoses and sprinklers are helpful to create a lush backyard oasis. Make sure your flowers are watered and your greenery stays fresh. However, if pools of water are sitting on your grass with no place to go, consider making changes. All excess water, despite its source, needs an escape path to prevent water damage in your home.

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